Save money with reloadable gift cards ….

Reloadable PrePay Gift Cards – you save money and you can still use additional discount vouchers in the shop to save even more!

Save on weekly shopping, clothes shopping and DIY!

Buy them for yourself or as a present …….

It’s as easy as 1 2 3 :-

1 – You may choose as many cards as you wish for you and your friends. Minimum initial topup on each card is £10 (except Virgin Experiences which is £25 minimum).

2 – email (with Subject line : Reloadable Prepay gift cards) with the cards you want, the initial value you want to add to each card and your postal address. You will then be emailed back with the amount that is due and payment options. Postage for new cards is £1.15 per order and you can have as many cards in each order as you want. (no additional postage cost on ebay first orders)

3 Once your cards have safely arrived, you top up as much and as often as you want. Two to three working days after topping up, you gift card will be loaded and you can spend, spend, spend!

Here is what you get :-

Sainsbury’s (can be used for stamps/cigs and shopping)
3.5% Off (please note from 14st Dec 2011 there is also a 75p transaction cost on this card per top up – top ups can be any amount)

Argos / Homebase (same card can be used in both shops)
4% Off

5% Off

4% Off (please note from 14st Dec 2011 there is also a 75p transaction cost on this card per top up – top ups can be any amount)

5% Off

5% Off

4% Off

5% Off

House of Fraser
5% Off

Ernest Jones
8% Off

Toys R Us
5% Off

10% Off

Sunglass Hut
7% Off

5% Off

Early Learning Centre
5% Off

5% Off

5% Off

5% Off

4% Off

River Island
4% Off

5% Off

7% Off

Dorothy Perkins
5% Off

5% Off

Miss Selfridge
5% Off

National Book Tokens
5% Off

New Look
5% Off

8% Off

5% Off

Toni & Guy
6% Off

**** £10 / £25 / £50 / £100

Virgin Experience Days
10% Off

**** £25 / £50 / £100 / £200 / £300

4% Off

**** £10 / £25 / £50 / £100 / £200 / £300 / £400 / £500 / £1000

Discover the luxurious world of Harrods, the finest online fashion destination. Discover irresistible pieces every week and delve into an indulgent selection of the latest must-have designer brands. Harrods is now infused with an indulgent selection of new season collections. From Jimmy Choo’s debut fragrance to Spring/Summer 2011 womenswear and menswear, their luxury offering will ensure you remain one step ahead of the trends.
Gift cards are an easy way to save on shopping with your favourite brands
Use them on your regular purchases or as gifts for friends and family
Use your card in high street stores
This card can be used online at the retailers website

This Prepaid Harrods Gift Card (“Gift Card”) is redeemable in full or part payment for goods/services sold in Harrods Knightsbridge store and, when available, online at only. This Gift Card cannot be redeemed via telephone /mail order. This Gift Card is non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash. The balance on this Gift Card may be used until either the balance is fully depleted or the Gift Card has expired. This Gift Card will expire after 24 consecutive months of non-use. After this date you can obtain a replacement card for the remaining value by visiting the Fifth Floor Services Lounge in the Harrods Knightsbridge Store and returning the old Gift Card. To check the expiry date or balance on the Gift Card, visit Harrods Knightsbridge Store or call 0207 893 8795. Harrods Limited (No. 30209), Registered Office: 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL.

Terms and Conditions :

Initial card delivery is usually 4-7 working days.
Minimum top up is £10 (certain cards must be loaded with set amounts though, these are clearly marked ****)
Top up amounts take 2-3 working days to be loaded onto a card
You can make as many top ups as you want
You get the discount when you top up the card. For example, if the card/company offers a 10% discount and you load £100 onto the gift card, you only pay me £90. When you get to the shop, you will have £100 to spend.
You can use these cards with all other offers that the shops have (eg 20% off days at homebase) so get a bigger discount. Sainsburys cards can be used for stamps and petrol!
Payment is to be made by paypal only – you must send the payment as a personal payment and as a gift to Fees may be applicable otherwise which you will be liable for
The top ups service can be withdrawn without any notice. If this happens, this will not affect the money already on your giftcards which is yours to spend.
Some giftcards have an inactivity time limit, please check this with me or the retailer if you think its relevant.

Saving money whilst using UK public transport

There are lots of ways to save money when travelling on UK public transport, most of the involve you buying tickets before the day of travel. Here are some ideas :-

If you use the train, sign up for your local operators emails. They quite often have some very good deals for 25% discounts on train tickets or some good ‘2 for 1’ days outs

If you live in london, Southern ( always have between 10%-33% discount, sometimes it’s even more!

Book on the internet and pick your ticets up at the station, very simple and you generally don’t have a long queue!

London Tubes/Buses
If your travelling inside the M25, get yourself an Oyster card from any tube/train station – you pay a £5 refundable deposit, but you will make big savings straight away. Fares can be found here :-

Fares are capped at the normal daily travelcard price if your travelling alot each day

National Buses
If you like this way of travel, Over 60’s and students always get good deals on the National Express. Have 50% offers on alot

Here are some of our favourite websites for keeping your finances on track …







FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS INFO(everything that you have in the stcockmarket)

PHONE CALL COST CHECKER (for dialing aborad)

Topical money issues :


Holidays … essential for most of us, but can be very expensive

We all work hard and want to enjoy ourselves when we get those 4-6 weeks of holidays a year. below is a guide to getting the most out of your budget :-


If you travel more than twice a year it is worth getting an annual policy. Remember, if your a couple, buy a policy together and will be cheaper (just check that you can travel independently if needs be). remember, cheap insurance usually means less cover so don’t just choose the cheapest. A good place to compare is :-

Getting to the Airport
train offers

Car parking offers

Remember many of the cashback websites will give 7-12% cashback on hotel booking through all the big companies.

Getting to your hotel from the Airport
Don’t take the hotel up on it’s offer to provide a taxi for you, you will usually be paying twice as much.

Currency Exchange
Unless its essential, try to never change money at airports, the rate will be poor. Instead find a good credit or debit card that doesn’t charge foreign useage fees. Many cards charge around 3% surcharge, thats alot of money on the average holiday. Currently the best cards include :-

For taking cash out of an ATM, set up a metro bank account (can only be don in a branch currently though) and you will pay no foreign fees or ATM withdrawal fees :-

Eating Out … how to reduce the cost without reducing the fun

Eating out can be a fun and social thing to do with your family and friends. Going to a restaurant to enjoy a freshly cooked meal, especially that you do not have to clean up after is a fun way to relax. However it can be expensive.

The recession has brought about a myriad of vouchers and discounts, some of them are smoke and mirrors though as they have been increasing their prices to take into account for this. Anyone who has bought a beer or wine in pizzaexpress will be aware of this!

However, here are the things you can do to get more for your money :-

Sign up for a booking account
Join and book through Toptable and you will get points towards a free meal at some very good restaurants. Watch out for when they do their promotions for double/treble points (usually around midweek). Be aware that if you want to use any other form of discount, booking via toptable might preclude you from using it. Toptable have lots of 50% food discount offers, as well as being able to just book at some of the countries top restaurants

To simply just book a table (includes places outside the UK), I like :

Get a 12 month discount card
Pay £30+ for a 12 month card (many promotions happen so keep an eye out), You get 50% or 2for1 discounts on many very good UK restaurants. Be aware that not all restaurants take the cards at weekends. My favourite is Taste, click on the link below to get a free 30 day card :-

Mobile phone APPS
Free mobile phone apps will also help you to find local places that have a discount on. these can be good if your out and about, especially if you have lots of hungry mouths to feed! Why not download :-
Voucher Cloud (FREE)
Capital Eats (FREE)

Or just take along a voucher …

Many websites now publish discounts for eating out, the best way to find them is to google the restaurant you want to go to. Otherwise, so of the sites below are good places to see whats current :-

Local Pub offers
It is worth getting on the mailing list of Youngs and Marstons pubs. They do many promotions through out the year, with free drinks and also good offers on food

Keeping your car running costs down

Cars can be practical, fun or a bit of both. However, they are all expensive to run. The aim of this section is to allow you to keep your costs down to a minimum. Below are the some ideas :-

Every renewal time it is worth spending a few minutes on a comparison website. many of them like will store your details making it very easy to get an updated quote. Once you have the best price, see if there is a cashback offer on or Compare these prices against your current insurer and I am sure there are good savings to be had, you never know, your existing insurer might even match the prices!

These 2 insurance companies are worth looking at as well, they are not on comparison sites :-

After 3 years, the annual MOT currently costs £55. Why not get a half price offer at Halfords Autocentres saving you £27

Otherwise, why not use your local council, reports are that there are no incentives to find faults, so more cars pass first time!

They are expensive, especially if you have to replace 4 and have a large car. Make a note of the tyre specification (found on the side of your existing tyre) and get a quote online. Many companies will then deliver them to somewhere local, fit them at your house or even have links with a local fitter.

It is not worth neglecting on servicing, but paying high Main Dealer costs makes little sense either. There are many top quality garages around. One of my favourites is Prestige :-

Filling up can pow cost £60-£130 a time. Why not see what your local garages you are charging and make an easy saving

Driving License photo Card
Don’t forget you legally have to renew your driving license photo card (lasts 10 years), you can do this online :-

Parking permits (London)
Some councils include some free visitor permits with your annual parking permit (eg Wandswoth do 10/year). remember to ask!

Car Accessories
Ebay is a great place to buy car accessories – you can pick up almost everything there including mobile phone chargers! For anything else, google will save you money.

A new website to organise your spending in a busy world

Welcome to Mr Smart Money


Welcome to MrSmartMoney – this site has been designed as a service to enable you to keep a track on your finances without it taking over your life. Whether it be you home, car, travel, eating out or any other part of your life; we are here to organise you spending to enable you to get more out of life.

You can only spend it once ….

Even if you are financially comforable, you can only spend your income once. the aim of this site is to enable your money to go further.  However, this can take alot of time which most people can’t be bothered to do.

So the aim of this website is to automate financial saving to the areas of your life where you spend your money. Firstly, You define your interests and then input when you are interested in looking at each item again. With an email alert, we will remind you and also send the current special offers that are in the market.  For example, your car MOT comes up each June – we would email a reminder and also current offers 4-6 weeks before.

You personalise the site to how you live and what you want to achieve, saving money and your time. Simple!

The only thing we ask is that you input as much data as you can to make the site work really for you.

Total privacy ….

We do not sell information on to anyone and if (in the unlikely event!) you want to leave, you are free to easily delete all your data at anytime.

always looking to improve ….

Please do contact me if you have any improvements/additions you would find useful. This is your site and you will receive the best offers at a relevant time for you.

In the meantime, please do follow us on twitter : mrsmartmoney